Printing Stickers

When printing stickers there are many factors to consider, most people tend to go with a larger company, and we have seen a lot of good service come from those companies, it’s more important to order custom stickers from smaller vendors because you get a more personalized service and can find really great deals!

Here are some of the factors to consider with ordering stickers online.

  • Quality
  • Ease of ordering
  • Customizable
  • Value
  • Templates
  • Delivery

Here is a great website that does reviews of different printing services and offers information on what they found in their reviews, PRINTAHOLIC. They actually go to the trouble of ordering products and doing product reviews, so that’s why we wanted to mention them here!

Another thing to consider with ordering sticker printing is the design. You could choose from one of the thousands of designs most vendors carry for whatever category interests you. Or you could order a custom sticker made to order with graphics of you choice, and you can even bring in custom graphics of your own like a logo or business advertisement created by a graphic designer.

There is also the choice between traditional paper stickers and the newer vinyl stickers which are made from pvc. It should be obvious that vinyl is a more durable and longer lasting type of sticker, and you really can’t beat vinyl for the price either. So most people will go with vinyl stickers. There is nothing more effective and attractive than a great vinyl sticker to bring you years of enjoyment and success in whatever business or cause that’s being promoted.

Check out some of the great reviews that can be found online and do your homework before  committing to a specific vendor, each have their own pros and cons, but in general just be sure to order them in vinyl because vinyl is better than paper!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out some of our other great articles!

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