Bumper Sticker Printing

What to look for in a good bumper sticker is not as much about the offered designs, the importance of choosing a good printer for bumper stickers is just the same as choosing the best vinyl decal makers.

You may spend a little bit less money going with one of the big sticker makers like zazzle and cafepress, and sometimes that will make sense, but if you want personalized service and a very fast turnaround, you need to go with one of the great mid sized companies available online as well.

Some companies we endorse are dalidecals.com, stickermule.com and vinyldisorder.com.

These companies have a good reputation and can handle most orders like we said, with that personalized service that can’t be found just going to a big commercial printer. Especially if you are just going to order these online and expect your order to be handled with care!

Most bumper stickers are pre-made comedical ones, or on the other hand they are custom quotes and symbols of pride for the owner of the vehicle.

The reason we don’t mention manufacturers of traditional paper stickers is because we don’t believe in using paper stickers on a bumper, if you use vinyl you are getting a extremely significant increase in durability for a long lasting impression that you wouldn’t want flaking off your bumper over time.


  • Easy to read
  • Makes a great first impression
  • Doesn’t distract drivers but gives the message
  • Vinyl bumper stickers last very long

So as you can see there are plenty of reasons to get a great bumper sticker made from non traditional vinyl.

The other advantage of bumper stickers is just being able to give that extra plug for your business, you may have a comedical side, but if it’s something you wouldn’t put in your standard logo, then you become limited to expressing your business or cause’s style. So go ahead and get a bumper sticker to make that joke, and remember to put your phone number at the bottom.

So to summarize we realize bumper stickers can be used for just about any reason and make a long lasting impression.


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