Sticker Printing

There is nothing like a printed sticker from a high quality sticker maker, the beauty and simplicity of stickers make them seem like they are only for fun purposes. But with the advent of vinyl stickers which are full color stickers on a vinyl media, vinyl has the advantage of being much more durable lasting up to 5 years or more, as well as more flashy and noticeable than the traditional paper stickers.

Whether you are searching for custom sticker printing where you send your custom artwork to a vendor for finishing touches to be used as your finish design, or a premade bumper sticker, the ever popular stick family stickers which seem to be so popular for car rear windows, funny car stickers or just a place for custom car window stickers printing.

You will need to look no further than the online sticker printing industry which is the best way to find a quality sticker printer without the hassle of worrying if they have the best cheap sticker printing options or if you are getting the best value for your money, because the best online sticker printers are always proficient at their work.

Types Of Stickers

Vinyl or “PVC”

The types of medias offered are generally Matte (.6mil), Gloss (3.4mil) and clear (3.4mil) when ordering vinyl stickers.


Types of media “options” are similar to that of Vinyl with Matte, Gloss and Clear, as well as many specialty types that offer reflective finish and higher degrees of durability, but nothing will compete with the durability of the vinyl stickers for price and composition reasons in general.


Some printing companies will offer medias made out of Polycarbonate which is used for the control system layover on appliances and machinery, or as more of a permanent installation for a wide range of applications.



Pictured above are some samples of just how nice the vinyl stickers tend to come out. As you can see they are more visually attractive, solid looking and really prove to be as durable as they look.

The best thing about sticker printing is most people don’t realize how cheap they can be, how effective they are at promoting a cause or business, and that vinyl stickers are even more effective than standard paper. Next time you are looking to advertise don’t forget to get some great stickers printed up.

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