Custom Sticker Printing

When ordering custom sticker printing online, there are different factors to consider before making your purchase.

How big is your design?

Are you looking for a full color design, or maybe you just need a single color design, possible you just need a two color design even?

If it’s not a full color design you want, you could simply get a vinyl decal if you don’t require the adhesive backing and want your sticker to be removable.

But maybe you specifically need a custom sticker for online printing, if that’s the case and you already have a design ready to go, then you simply need to upload your artwork in the correct format to the company website of your choice. Standard format for uploading artwork are .ai or .eps and even .svg and .pdf will work, this means the image is a vector format, which allows vendors to scale the design to any size of your choice.

Though it’s possible to use any standard image file format, the limitation presented is that the graphic size in pixels will be limited to the same size of the original file. This is why most vendors do prefer the scalable vector graphic format over standard bitmap format.

One is not limited to single or dual color designs with vinyl decals and stickers, and you would be delightfully surprised at the comparative affordability of full color designs.

Here are some of the great custom stickers done here by a company called Vinyl Disorder.

IMG_20130808_112005 IMG_20130808_114151


As you can see there are very different results depending on what colors you are using, but it is possible to create realistic full color designs to match exactly, or simple colors for simple designs.
The more stickers you order, the less the price will be in the end. Volume discount is the general method to reducing the cost of your custom stickers.

The best way to promote a business in this fast moving world of digital advertising and the diminishing prevalence of traditional print styles, it’s truly the best time to order some custom stickers for your business or cause. The vinyl sticker media is the best because it last so much longer than traditional paper stickers. So get some great custom stickers printed and you won’t regret it!

Wall Decal - multi-coloured no.RY17 Comic Expressions


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