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Custom Sticker Printing

When ordering custom sticker printing online, there are different factors to consider before making your purchase. How big is your design? Are you looking for a full color design, or maybe you just need a single color design, possible you just need a two color design even? If it’s not a full color design you want, you could simply get a vinyl decal if you don’t require the adhesive backing and want your sticker to be removable. But maybe you specifically need a custom sticker for online printing, if that’s the case and you already have a design ready to go, then you simply need to upload your artwork in the correct format to the company website of your choice. Standard format for uploading artwork are .ai or .eps and even .svg and .pdf will work, this means the image is a vector format, which allows vendors to scale the design to any size of your choice. Though it’s possible to use any standard image file format, the limitation presented is that the graphic size in pixels will be limited to the same size of the original file. This is why most vendors do prefer the scalable vector graphic format over standard bitmap format. One is not limited to single or dual color designs with vinyl decals and stickers, and you would be delightfully surprised at the comparative affordability of full color designs. Here are some of the great custom stickers done here by a company called Vinyl Disorder.   As you can see there are very different results depending on what colors you are using, but it is possible to create realistic full color designs to match exactly, or simple colors for simple designs. The more stickers you order, the less the price will be in the end. Volume discount is the general method to reducing the cost of your custom stickers. The best way to promote a business in this fast moving world of digital advertising and the diminishing prevalence of traditional print styles, it’s truly the best time to order some custom stickers for your business or cause. The vinyl sticker media is the best because it last so much longer than traditional paper stickers. So get some great custom stickers printed and you won’t regret it!  

Custom Car Window Stickers Printing

When picking a company for custom car window stickers printing, the main thing to consider is whether you will be creating your graphic with designs from the vendor, or if you already have your design in mind ready for uploading. In the case that you are designing your own custom car window stickers using the styles supplied by an online dealer, you will want to look and make sure there is a large selection of design templates to choose from, and elements to put the finishing touches as well, not just the main picture. Here are some great designs by Vinyl Disorder As you can see by the designs above mostly family kits are ordered for custom car window stickers, but that’s probably just because it’s been trendy for soccer moms to add some flare to the kid movers. But, there is another way to add some flare to your vehicle, and that’s by creating a custom design, when you want your stickers to send a message that you are different, that you are unique, that is when you go the way of creating the design from scratch! One of the more common elements in custom designs, and always impressive, are scrolls. We like scrolls because the combine an authentic look with whatever modern font you decide to use. For most font choices we recommend which has a huge selection of freely usable fonts to be used for whatever purpose you like. Here are some of the great scrolls offered by Vinyl Disorder Inc. Another great piece of flare to add to a custom car window design is frames, again you can use a custom font or put an image in, these are generally interesting for outlines of full color designs, full color stickers pop much better with some kind of border, and a frame really can do wonders for most designs that would otherwise look bland. Here are some great frame templates, these are just a few, there are hundreds at Vinyl Disorder The last thing we want to mention in regards to custom design, is design elements, these are the accents that can really put the finishing touch on any design you can imagine, there are so many style to choose from, but we are just bringing you a few here to give you and idea of what we mean by elements.  


Bumper Sticker Printing

What to look for in a good bumper sticker is not as much about the offered designs, the importance of choosing a good printer for bumper stickers is just the same as choosing the best vinyl decal makers. You may spend a little bit less money going with one of the big sticker makers like zazzle and cafepress, and sometimes that will make sense, but if you want personalized service and a very fast turnaround, you need to go with one of the great mid sized companies available online as well. Some companies we endorse are, and These companies have a good reputation and can handle most orders like we said, with that personalized service that can’t be found just going to a big commercial printer. Especially if you are just going to order these online and expect your order to be handled with care! Most bumper stickers are pre-made comedical ones, or on the other hand they are custom quotes and symbols of pride for the owner of the vehicle. The reason we don’t mention manufacturers of traditional paper stickers is because we don’t believe in using paper stickers on a bumper, if you use vinyl you are getting a extremely significant increase in durability for a long lasting impression that you wouldn’t want flaking off your bumper over time. ADVANTAGES OF BUMPER STICKERS Easy to read Makes a great first impression Doesn’t distract drivers but gives the message Vinyl bumper stickers last very long So as you can see there are plenty of reasons to get a great bumper sticker made from non traditional vinyl. The other advantage of bumper stickers is just being able to give that extra plug for your business, you may have a comedical side, but if it’s something you wouldn’t put in your standard logo, then you become limited to expressing your business or cause’s style. So go ahead and get a bumper sticker to make that joke, and remember to put your phone number at the bottom. So to summarize we realize bumper stickers can be used for just about any reason and make a long lasting impression.  

Stick Family Stickers

Stick family stickers are longtime favorite we have all come to know and love! It is possible to order custom made stick family’s with your own graphics, but most busy moms and dads don’t have time so it is only natural that we will find a huge selection of stick family’s or more accurately called family kits. The great thing about them is they tell people that you are a proud family person and reminds your kids how much you care about them, even if it’s just the puppy’s and kitty’s. As you can see below, family stickers are not limited to just animals but can also be objects! And aside from the regular people family stickers, you have probably seen the cartoon character types, aliens, droids, skeleton people etc… Here are a few Custom stick family stickers are one of the best ways to get what you want and not sacrifice your taste whatsoever. So if you are not too busy and really want a custom family sticker kit, just make up your characters on a sketchpad, or download some free art and send it to the vendor of your choice for processing. Most graphics you can find that are legally downloadable can be used to “derive” a sticker from. As long as the sticker does not have the full color of the original and isn’t limited to special copyrights, it is likely that you can derive it for use in your custom design. But be careful. The last thing we want to mention about stick family stickers is, always be cautious using stickers, it is probably a better idea to go with decals, which are more easily removable and many times reusable if they haven’t been worn down too much. That’s all for now, thanks for reading our blog post, and be sure to check out some of the other great articles and tutorials.    

Online Sticker Printing

Online sticker printing is different than traditional, for one you don’t have to go into an establishment to make your order, saving you precious time driving and choosing between only local shops which limits options and affordability. That’s what makes ordering online such an attractive alternative for most, and the prevalence of the internet has helped established some really great companies who only deal with online customers. What you are looking for when ordering sticker printing on the internet, is a solid base of happy customers, it is usually normal to expect a slight delay in turnaround but not too much, some providers of online ordering will have up to a week before your order is even produced which to us is un-acceptable. We won’t say exactly who that is now, but we have seen more than one guilty of this insult. Just make sure to search for reviews on the company you are thinking of ordering from *before you go ahead an purchase. Some thing to consider in online sticker printing are: Are you ordering vinyl or traditional paper stickers Vinyl is much more durable and equally priced in general How long are you willing to wait for your order Are you ordering a single sticker or a bulk order Full color or single color die-cut Are they to be cut to shape Material type, gloss or matte, laminated or no laminate Those are the main points to consider when ordering stickers from the internet, and it is notable that you are more likely to find a good price and turnaround from a reputable company than you are likely to find one in your local area. If there is anything we can do to help you with your sticker order, just send us a message and we’d be happy to help!  

Funny Car Stickers

Funny car stickers are not around as much any more, they got popular for a while but have slowly declined in use. Maybe because so many people had them for a while, and we’ve all seen those van wagons covered in stickers from coast to coast travel. The great thing is now that they are less prevalent they are more effective at getting a kick out of fellow drivers, and sure to give a drab bumper an extra bit of pizzazz! Here are some of the standard funny bumper stickers we carry at one of our online stores. As you can see these decals add are a great style addition and they have the laugh factor going for them, there are so many more to choose from, but sometimes it’s easier to get your own phrase, font and choice of text color, and just order them custom.  

Printing Stickers

When printing stickers there are many factors to consider, most people tend to go with a larger company, and we have seen a lot of good service come from those companies, it’s more important to order custom stickers from smaller vendors because you get a more personalized service and can find really great deals! Here are some of the factors to consider with ordering stickers online. Quality Ease of ordering Customizable Value Templates Delivery Here is a great website that does reviews of different printing services and offers information on what they found in their reviews, PRINTAHOLIC. They actually go to the trouble of ordering products and doing product reviews, so that’s why we wanted to mention them here! Another thing to consider with ordering sticker printing is the design. You could choose from one of the thousands of designs most vendors carry for whatever category interests you. Or you could order a custom sticker made to order with graphics of you choice, and you can even bring in custom graphics of your own like a logo or business advertisement created by a graphic designer. There is also the choice between traditional paper stickers and the newer vinyl stickers which are made from pvc. It should be obvious that vinyl is a more durable and longer lasting type of sticker, and you really can’t beat vinyl for the price either. So most people will go with vinyl stickers. There is nothing more effective and attractive than a great vinyl sticker to bring you years of enjoyment and success in whatever business or cause that’s being promoted. Check out some of the great reviews that can be found online and do your homework before ¬†committing to a specific vendor, each have their own pros and cons, but in general just be sure to order them in vinyl because vinyl is better than paper! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out some of our other great articles!